Our Approach

The KUBE Logix Group has advanced knowledge of data warehousing and BI concepts including star and snowflakes schemas, dimensional data and metric normalization, and de-normalisation and BI system implementation.

We are experts in BI best practices, requirements analysis, solution architecture, system sizing and recommendations, data mart and data warehouse design, and development and multi source data mapping transformations and performance turning. Our certified BI reporting application consultants provide installation, configuration, design, development, and deployment of multiple BI application reporting tools including SSRS, SharePoint, R, Machine Learning, and PowerBI.

Employing advanced Business Intelligence tools, our teams assist organisations in transitioning from simple reporting to true interactive analytics, seamlessly, while facilitating the consolidation of related silos of data into one common warehouse for visible results.

Our goal is to slingshot your organisation into a new age of high data availability and efficient decision-making.

We, at KUBE Logix, pride ourselves on our ability to gauge and understand client requirements. While approaching development initiatives with a concrete design in mind, we strictly adhere to industry-standard development methodology and work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and disruption-free implementation.

The plan

Back in 2010, getting tired of building multiple BI solutions that offered much-needed reporting and analysis features for their clients, a group of ERP consultants and SQL experts took a step back and asked themselves two questions. “Why are we spending so much time building individual solutions for each customer, when each customer is trying to solve the same problem? What if we could build a product that would do this for us?”

So they decided to take a leap of faith, quit their consulting jobs and set about writing software which would create a data warehouse in minutes and bring all the financial information from a given client’s ERP system into a single cube.

Making the impossible, possible

With Microsoft’s SQL Server product establishing itself in the marketplace, complete with new ‘Analysis Services’ OLAP cubes and having an ERP, the technology was becoming available to support this dream.

By 2012 we had a product that we could be proud of and we started filing patents covering our techniques of merging the sub-ledgers and GL together – these techniques allow us to re-create the audit trail and integrate the ERP sub-ledger and GL entries into a single cube for analysis.

Our solutions help clients achieve their business goals of increased productivity, scalability, and cost reduction. KUBE Logix keeps client requirements at the forefront, so they can focus on what they do best–their business.

Bilal Mukhtar

Founder & CEO

Bilal has 20 years experience in the field working for worldwide companies that demand state of the art business intelligence systems and real-time analytics. He craves the latest technology and had the vision when it came to developing MAGESight

Suboor Mohammed


Suboor has over 16 years experience in the design and delivery of enterprise software solutions. During the last 13 years he has specialised in SharePoint Products and technologies.